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Digital Marketing

We develop a digital marketing plan customized to your business needs through social media accounts management, Content Creation, and Paid ads.


To attract the right customers, you must first think like one. Our role is not to merely attach keywords to your business,  we aim to assist you in painting a clear image of who your client is, and who else is competing for their attention. To do so, we follow a five step plan in which we listen to your ideas, analyze your competition, use keyword research tools, and analyze the results to successfully draw up a list of keywords tailored to your business. 

Keywords determines what your company is known for. We understand what content to market using the proper keywords.

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Ranking Report

We keep track of all your rankings for keywords, and tailor your SEO strategy accordingly.

We specialize not only in creating websites that look fantastic, but also in SEO optimization. Our popular Google Ranking Services can ensure that your website is noticed by people on the web. 75% of users never click through the first search engine page, which is why the most valuable thing you can do with your website is to invest in good SEO practice. We are committed to delivering excellent outcomes in all markets and organizations of all sizes. You'll be overshadowing your competitors in no time with our help.

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Search Engine Ads

We will help you develop a plan for promoting your website using Google Ads

Search engine ads are a very effective method of reaching prospective clients. With today’s technology, we can use a multitude of tools to make sure your business reaches the appropriate audience with the use of appropriate keywords, and descriptions. Upturn uses its extensive knowledge and background to recommend the type of search engine marketing (SEM) that is best suited for your brand, design the ads in accordance to your vision, and keep you updated on the performance of your ads with detailed, specialized reports.  

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