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Real Estate Marketing
 Take your listings to the next level with Upturn Media

A cozy and inviting living room with a large screen displaying an interactive 3D virtual t

With our Matterport 3D Virtual Tours, you give buyer the feeling of being in your home from the comfort of their couch.  We  create personalized immersive experiences for you and your clients. We will embed your logo, picture, contact info, and the video showcasing the property all within our tours.

Floor Plans

We create accurate measurements and floor plans of any property. Our Floor Plans are created with both the realtor and potential buyer in mind. They are simple to understand, yet provide detailed measurements of the property and allow prospective buyers to visualize your space’s layout.

A floor plan produced by upturn media
A floor plan produced by upturn media

Aerial Videography

We offer professional Aerial Videography services for Realtors on Vancouver Island. Our videos feature stunning drone footage, as well as realtor's logo and animated graphics tailored to their brand. Our goal is to help realtors showcase their listings and properties in the best way possible.

Real Estate Photography

We produce high quality photography that showcase your property and capture all its features. Our professional photographers are dedicated to producing photos that bring out the best in your property, ensuring it stands out from the competition.



Interior & Exterior

We capture super high quality HDR images of your property.

3D Virtual Tours

Interior & Exterior

We create branded and interactive virtual tour with your own logo and contact info

Aerial & Ground

Professional Video

We capture awesome footage that captures the beauty of your home.

Floor Plans

Interior & Exterior

We draw 100% accurate 2D and 3D floorplan of your property. We offer black and white and colored ones.

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